Benchmark Dining Table by Ruff Sawn


Benchmark Dining Table by Ruff Sawn bm4260st

Ruff Sawn by Schlabach Country Timbers

Benchmark Series Dining Tables. Solid wormy maple table series has 3" top, 4" canted legs with tenon accents and distinctive turnbuckles.

Table comes standard without leaves.

End extensions are available in all sizes and are 18" on each end.

Tables with extensions can be selected on the 2nd half of the "Size" option list.

Choose from any of the different Schlabach Stains.

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Brand:Ruff Sawn
Size 42"W x 60"L (0) 42"W x 72"L (BM4272ST) (5) 42"W x 84"L (BM4284ST) (16) 42"W x 96"L (BM4296ST) (34) 42"W x 108"L (BM42108ST) (56) 42"W x 120"L (BM42120ST) (72) 48"W x 72"L (BM4872ST) (19) 48"W x 84"L (BM4884ST) (30) 48"W x 96"L (BM4896ST) (50) 48"W x 108"L (BM48108ST) (70) 48"W x 120"L (BM48120ST) (88) 42"W x 60"L w/2 Extensions (BM4260BB18) (57) 42"W x 72"L w/2 Extensions (BM4272BB18) (70) 42"W x 84"L w/2 Extensions (BM4284BB18) (89) 42"W x 96"L w/2 Extensions (BM4296BB18) (107) 42"W x 108"L w/2 Extensions (BM42108BB18) (126) 42"W x 120"L w/2 Extensions (BM42120BB18) (149) 48"W x 72"L w/2 Extensions (BM4872BB18) (91) 48"W x 84"L w/2 Extensions (BM4884BB18) (110) 48"W x 96"L w/2 Extensions (BM4896BB18) (129) 48"W x 108"L w/2 Extensions (BM48108BB18) (148) 48"W x 120"L w/2 Extensions (BM48120BB18) (170)
Stains Frontier (0) Onyx (0) GGO (0) Rich Tobacco (0) Coffee (0) Michaels (0) Asbury Full Strength (0) OCS-111 Boston (0) Fawn (0) Aged Centennial (0) Honeycomb (0) Weathered Gray (0) Weatherwood (0) Hazelnut (0) Autumn Haze (0)
Glaze on Stain No Glaze (0) Black Glaze (20)