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Seqouia Sideboard by Ruff Sawn


Seqouia Sideboard by Ruff Sawn SEQ3665
Ruff Sawn Seqouia Side Board. Shown in Weathered Grey Stain. Modern style with offset doors next to it's 4 drawers. An obvious match to the other Seqouia series products by Ruff Sawn to complete your collection for the whole home! Comes standard with 4 drawers in the stain of your choice. Contact…
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Brand:Ruff Sawn
Stain Weathered Grey (0) G.G.O. (0) Frontier (0) Onyx (0) Rich Tobacco (0) Coffee (0) Michaels (0) Asbury (0) OCS-111 Boston (0) Fawn (0) Aged Centennial (0) Honeycomb (0) Weatherwood (0) Hazelnut (0) Autumn Haze (0) Harbor Mist (0) Fruitwood (0) Charcoal (0) Brindle (0)