This page is to explain what “Custom Rate (contact us)” means when you are checking out with your goods here at ASW.

We have several common carriers that cover different regions of the United States along with limitless options on limitless goods. Therefore, we search for the lowest price per your unique products and geographic location.

So if your planning a purchase please contact us and we will set up an option with your name on it upon checkout.

All you need to need to do then is select your custom made shipping option with your name on it before the payment options step in the check out process.

You do not need to get a ship quote, however, before you purchase if it is your desire. In this case we will get a shipping price based on your submitted shipping address and bill you via PayPal invoice in an email.

This may seem unorthodox, but it is just the most economical way to bring you and your family heirloom quality furniture for the best price.