Ruff Sawn Furniture
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Are you sick of replacing your furniture every few years? Are you tired of plywood and plastic? Was your kitchen table ruined by a spilled cup of coffee? Amish Solid Wood offers Ruff Sawn furniture that is heirloom quality, built to be nearly indestructible, and stunningly beautiful. We want to help you propel your home to new levels of comfort and class.


Our inventory of Ruff Sawn furniture is our most popular, and for good reason. Characterized by sturdy timbers and rustic iron works, Ruff Sawn furniture is built to retain its beauty for decades. The wood is varnished using post-catalyst conversion varnishes, meaning the pieces are 100% resistant to even the most damaging stains, including hot coffee and nail polish remover.

When we say heirloom quality, we mean it. Our furniture is strong, sturdy, and perfectly engineered. The wood and iron and as durable as they come, and the drawers and doors are engineered for full extension and effortless glide. We want you and your family to enjoy our furniture for decades, so we don’t cut corners.


Every piece is custom made to meet your unique needs. Anything in our catalogue can be ordered in a number of styles, such as Timber, Ledge Rock, Muskoka, and Adirondack. We offer dozens of stains, including charcoal, harbor mist, fruitwood, and dark khaki. Our furniture can be built for the bedroom, the living room, the dining room, or any other room you desire.

Many of our tables come with sideboards, and the Dalton sliding barn door being our most popular. We offer sets of tables and chairs and even entire rooms of matching furniture. With all of these options combined, you’ll be able to find the absolute perfect fit for your home, guaranteed.

Are you ready to take your home to the next level? Look through our catalogue, and when something catches your eye, contact us at to get started.

Ruff Sawn Furniture includes many styles, the Timber, Ledge Rock, Muskoka, and the Adirondack are probably the most revered.

The drawers are almost indestructible and most noteworthy they feature smooth full extension or soft close glides.

There are almost limitless choices for hardware and finishes to choose for that reason there are limitless choices.

Finishes used for the furniture are consequently a durable Multi-coated with Low Sheen Conversion Varnish.

The custom stains number in the dozens therefore there are many to choose from for that perfect look your looking for.

Each style is unique however can be ordered in Bedroom, Dining, Living Room Tables and more!

The dining tables while unique also feature even more old world features.

Bedrooms suites while rather many feature styles ranging from modern to very old world.

The beds can all be ordered with platform storage hence increasing storage space in any room.

Pieces in each bedroom consequently are made to order can also be made to any specifications.

The pieces in each suite however come in many different ways.

Some of the pieces for bedrooms consequently can be ordered even if they aren’t shown in the catalog.

Finally, the bedroom pieces that are most noteworthy include the bed, armoire, chest, dresser, and mirror.

Dining tables likewise come in a wide range of styles.

Hence, each dining style has it’s own chair or bench style to complete the set.

Furthermore there are unique sideboards that will accommodate any of the table styles.

The Dalton sliding barn door sideboard would look amazing in any home for that reason.