Wood Color/Stain   and Size Variations:
We at amishsolidwood.com are not responsible for variations in   wood color, stain color, sap pits, knots, knot holes, worm holes, mineral   deposits, rustic wood, sap wood, and wood grain. Wood has natural   characteristics each time and therefore can’t be exactly the same from one   piece of furniture to another.  It is   for this reason that there will be variations in color.  Because of these naturally occurring   properties your pieces may not have exact uniformity or color matching.Size Variations:
Sizes   are given as overall sizes and may change without notice; Dimensions may vary   from those stated. The sizes of the products are obtained by measuring the widest   points in the given directions i.e. the top of the dresser hangs over each   side so it is the widest point or the crown molding on top of the wall   entertainment center is the widest point.Estimated   Completion Date:
Some   of our furniture will be in stock as stated and can arrive from the order   date in about 2 weeks or less.    However, we are not responsible for errors in inventory and cannot   promise our stock of each piece, but we do our very best to keep it up to   date.All   orders shipped whether they be in stock or special order (special orders are   not stock items) are only given estimated delivery and wait times until they   are completed deliveries to the customer’s given destination(s).If   your items are out of stock or specially ordered for you the wait time is an ESTIMATED   3 months plus any other time that may be required to ship it to you.

Shipping Rates:
Shipping costs are flat rates that are added in at check out time when a customer decides to purchase products.  Our shipping costs are at cost and we do not mark them up as a courtesy to the customer.  We want you to buy the furniture, not the shipping.  However, there must be the necessary costs applied to enable the furniture to arrive at it’s final destination.  If a customer chooses to select the “Custom Rate” option they have been given a quote that has been quoted earlier or must have a custom quote approved by our staff here at Amish Solid Wood.  Once this agreed upon shipping price is paid in full by the customer the order is only then complete.  Lastly, the “Custom Rate” that is given to you by us will be billed to you separately from our store front via a PayPal invoice.  This invoice can be paid with your credit card or with a PayPal account.

Warranty   Information:
All furniture we sell comes with a 1 year warranty from defects in materials   and workmanship. If you find that your furniture has a defect please contact   us at our email address info@amishsolidwood.com.  The customer   will assume responsibility for all shipping costs to send any pieces back for   repair.  However, parts can be shipped  at no cost to you.

We   require payment in full of your orders total to a valid Visa, Master Card,   Discover, or American Express before your items can be produced.  We will not take partial payments of orders due to the nature of our low prices.

If  we find that the billing address does not match the shipping address at any   time we can revoke your shipment all together.

If  an incorrect billing address is submitted we will refuse shipment.

We   offer our customers the ability to pay through Paypal with any major credit   cards.  When you checkout our site will  offer you the option to pay on site or to be redirected  to Paypal for payment.   Security is as high as it can possibly be made so that your purchase is secure and private.

Our   site is fully encrypted with 128 bit security certificate from   Godaddy.com.  Additionally, our   shopping cart provider is also 128 bit SSL secured.  Two layers of protection!

Paypal   IS one of the most secure sites in the world for any online transactions.

PAYPAL payments will automatically charge the   entire balance when the order is placed.    We can also accept orders via money orders and personal  checks, however, no products will ship until payment has cleared.

There is a 7.00% sales tax charge for any order delivered within Ohio.

Order Status:
Order completion can be checked by e-mailing us at info@amishsolidwood.com.  Most orders take 3-4 months or more from placement time of the order.    Most Amish do not have phones or computers, therefore we do not always have a   means to track order progress. We cannot have any updates available until at   least the 2nd month of the order process.

Cancellation,   Order Modifications:
We understand that things happen in life that are unavoidable so we have some   policies on what can happen if you decide to change your mind.  You have 5 days from the time of the   original order to cancel with your money back in full- or make modifications   to your order. We will try to make changes after 5 days, but we can’t   guarantee the changes will be made.

Return Policy:
You   have 3 days to tell us if you are not 100% satisfied with your purchases once   it’s to your shipping address.  If you   wish to return your products you can contact us through email, or phone, and   by doing this, you agree to a 35% restocking fee & full amount of return   freight charges.  Return freight would be the actual shipping   charges as quoted by PackshipUSA.com, any shipping special provided at   checkout will not be applicable.

Damage Policy:
In the   event your furniture arrives with damage or defect, we require you to accept   the furniture and note any damage on the shippers bill of laden.  We   will schedule a local furniture restoration company to handle the minor   issues locally, either in your home or at their local shop depending on the   situation.  It is your responsibility to assume or report any major   damage/defect and have it documented with clear, concise photographs of the   damage in question.  This is necessary   if you are unhappy or the shipper is at fault for major damage.  It is also your responsibility to inspect   any furniture being delivered thoroughly BEFORE it leaves the delivery   truck.  These cases are rare, but we   must all take these measures due to the high cost of shipping.

Incorrect Pricing:
If for some reason we have made an error in pricing a good or product on our   site due to a typographical error Amishsolidwood.com can exercise the right   to refuse or cancel any order submitted for said product that has been deemed   as placed incorrectly.

In   the event that this happens we will contact you in good faith with the   correct information and allow you the opportunity to continue or cancel your   order.  If you choose to cancel your   order it will be refunded to you in full.  Lastly, order confirmations are not final as   the accepted agreement until said funds in any form are cleared through and a   final confirmation email is sent reflecting this status for your order.

Security of  Transactions:
We offer our customers the ability to pay through Paypal with any major   credit cards.  When you checkout our   site will redirect you to Paypal for payment.    Do not be alarmed by this, as we are currently only processing orders   on Paypal, not directly on our site.    There are several reasons for this, but the most important one is   security.

Our   site is fully encrypted with 128 bit security certificate from   Godaddy.com.  Additionally, our   shopping cart provider is also 128 bit SSL secured.  Two layers of protection!

Paypal   IS one of the most secure sites in the world for any online transactions.

We   at Amishsolidwood.com furniture sales will never sell nor redistribute your   information for any reason to anyone.    We very much value our customers as people and value our own privacy   as well.

Rest   assured your information will reach us safely and privately.
After your transaction is complete you will receive an email at the address   you have provided us with a confirmation that your order has been placed.

Enforcement/Choice   of Law:
Any and all   disputes relating to this Agreement, Amish Solid Wood (ASW) Privacy and   Shipping Policy, your use of the site, the service, or the content are   governed by, and will be interpreted in accordance with the laws of the State   of Michigan, without regard to any conflict of laws provisions.

Password Security:
We do not require   passwords for your purchases; However our Paypal payment center does accept   payments directly from your Paypal account if you choose to do so.  In this instance, your password is on   Paypal, it is Paypal’s right, not ours, to help or provide you with any   information on it’s said contents.

We   maintain confidentiality and you agree to accept any responsibility for all   transactions, or activities concerning passwords and or your identity.  Additionally, we do not store any financial   data; Any data we have available will only be on the goods purchased or the   said addresses and customers where our goods are being delivered or on goods   currently in production that are sold.